Mecz barażowy w Siemianowickiej Lidze Halowej

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02.03.2014    13:30 -  WWT Polska - Johnson Controls        2:1


03.03.2014| Powrót
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whats wrong with BSU!!!i just received an email syiang that you guys have added more teams??is that even possible in 4 hours!!!nda kamu bepikir kah dlu before making the decision..satu lagi i feel sorry for the sport sec cubatah msatu org marah pasal the venue anie makin tia lagi urg banci no offense tho..btw about the registration fees patutnya randah kan sikit nda kah?since more teams are joining?

Azamat | 2015-12-09 07:21:53


I dislike cainmpg . because I hate mozzies and I don't get to use the toilet :pI'm a lazy bum who prefer to stay at home, hehe~ But I miss out a lot of fun during cainmpg and I know it.

Billal | 2015-11-27 12:46:52